Once upon a time, I had a different web site. Then I accidentally deleted it. Now I have this one.

About the header photo (made with Pano): When you’re at MIT, you wear your brass rat with the beaver facing you. You look out at Boston. After you graduate, you turn it around so the beaver faces the world. You look back at the institute. If you’re lucky, the sun shines while you sit on a dock.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    I found you years ago through the Memkast. Your mixes on your website are absolutely brilliant, soulful and heartfelt. I have been listening to your mixes from this website constantly for the past three months. Sometimes listening to a mixes 2 and 3 times a day, no joke. They have helped me get through a lot and just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work, digging, and love you have put into these mixes.
    I’d love to catch a live set but have never seen your name on any bill. Your music is tremendous and needs to be heard. I’m currently in Colorado and if you ever are playing a set here let me know, otherwise I’d like to try to get you out here and develop your name and music in this market. The Denver area is a hotbed for electronic music and the market is demanding new talent to come through.
    Best wishes

  2. Love your mixes, simply amazing. Could listen to your stuff 24/7 deff a new fan of yours. Looks like you’re doing what you love in life and enjoying it at the same time, keep it up! You have a facebook fanpage by any chance? I feel you need one, in the sense you’re too good not to share with others :)

  3. If you’re ever out and about on one of the bay area freeways late at nite and see a black viper do a fly by at 170, know that one of your old school techno mixes is blasting in that car at full volume.. love your mixes…

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