J’lem Dreams

This mix is, among other things: another step on the path toward home, a stand against winter, the return of uptempo breakbeat, a warm rock in low-angle sun, a force that traverses a shade, a specially-made gift, some 80s fashion, that moment you fall asleep on the phone, an honest composition, and threaded with a deep undercurrent of hope that we find peace.

benchun – J’lem Dreams

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This mix is among other things, for every thing has other things among which it may be found or placed. Bounds built of language cannot enclose all. Diagonalization, then, is a survival strategy. Remember: the members of an infinite set are still themselves distinct. We are nothing if not discrete, yet nothing if we remain orthogonal. Diagonalization, then, is a reshaping for deeper understanding.

benchun – Diagonalization

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