One Saturday afternoon in April 2011, I made so there would be a place to read and share very short stories about learning to program. It was also an excuse to learn MongoDB and turned out to be really fun.

I’ve since written about the motivation, process, and outcomes:

Other folks have written about their responses and experiences, which is a fantastic affirmation of the intent behind the site:

It’s also been linked from a number of high-traffic sites:

If you’re curious about how or why people learn to program, check out what some of them have to say in their own words:

Here are some notable people (and friends and other people you might find interesting) who’ve shared their stories: danah boyd, Golan Levin, Cay Horstmann, Josh Ulm, Alexander Chen, Glen Murphy, Jer Thorpe

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  1. Thank you so much for posting all this info! I volunteer at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. I’m saving the funds to take your Processing 101 class. I’m interested in looking at the intersections of art and technology and your class seems like a GREAT way to explore that territory (learning the language, etc.). By the way, love the music (especially, Human Figure, Santolazers, and Precious Pressure). All the best to you!

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